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Innovation Summit 2021

Lever’s Innovation Summit 2021 – September 23 & 24


With the theme “Innovating Innovation,” this two-day event will feature intrapreneurs who “innovate from within” existing companies, a discussion of rural innovation, and presentations from leaders who are innovating for inclusion. The Innovation Summit will take place in Pittsfield, Massachusetts at the Berkshire Innovation Center. The Summit will engage entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, business leaders, and students. The event is a hyrbid format so options to live stream will be available.


About Lever

Founded in 2014, Lever is an economic development non-profit focused on innovation-driven job creation. Lever supports entrepreneurs with startup expertise, an investment fund, research, mentors, and access to talent. Lever has helped launch dozens of companies that have attracted more than $10M in equity investment and have created more than 200 jobs. Lever supports existing companies by helping their intrapreneurs “innovate from within” using proven entrepreneurial methods for top-line revenue growth and job creation. Learn more at www.leverinc.org.

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