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A robust and diversified regional economy that offers high quality of life for all.


Build and grow innovation-driven enterprises. Attract revenues to the region and create jobs. Expand our ecosystem for entrepreneurs, innovators, and young people.


  • We invest in people, first and foremost. Human capital is our most valuable resource.
  • We prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • We believe young people are essential to creating innovative and enduring companies.
  • We believe our success depends on the strength of our network.
  • We believe in success through collaboration.
  • We act like entrepreneurs.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Lever team believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical in our work. We continuously expand our professional networks to reach groups representing marginalized populations and to ensure that all underrepresented peoples have access to Lever’s programs and resources. We strive to support and build a diverse regional economy that benefits, and includes, everyone. We believe that diversity in entrepreneurship, innovation, and the workforce is a requirement for individual regional economic prosperity.


Since its 2014 launch, Lever has led the development of the Berkshire region’s entrepreneur ecosystem.

Supported 300+ entrepreneurs

Helped launch 100 new companies

Helped 100 companies grow

Helped 25 students secure employment at Berkshire companies

Helped 60+ intrapreneurs innovate from within

Placed 150 college students in paid internships

To date, Lever-supported startups:

  • Raised more than $30M in equity investment
  • Realize more than $50M in aggregate revenues
  • Created more than 350 jobs


Featured Items