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Bennington County Intrapreneur Challenge 2021

Bennington County Intrapreneur Challenge

Concluded – Winner: MSK Engineers, Bennington VT


  • Open to all Bennington County companies that receive
    more than $500K in annual revenue
  • The proposed innovation must be focused on revenue growth (not cost savings)
  • Teams must participate in all workshops (details below)
  • Teams must have a letter of support from the CEO/President of the

Key Dates

December 10: Application Deadline
January 4: Leader’s Meeting
January 5: Kick-Off Meeting
January 7: Workshop 1
January 21: Workshop 2
February 11: Workshop 3
February 25: Workshop 4
March 18: Final Competition Event


Authentic Designs, West Rupert, Vt.
Authentic Designs is a 50+ year-old manufacturing company specializing in reproduction of 18th- and 19th-century lighting. Authentic Designs is developing a new line of early 20th-century reproduction lighting and developing a method to use solar energy or other renewable energy to power period-specific light fixtures.

Grateful Dog Training, Manchester, Vt.
Grateful Dog provides hands-on dog training services with a focus on positive reinforcement. The company is currently working to develop an online platform with video tutorials to support personalized learning plans for dog/handler teams as well as a “Rescue Dog Detox and Development” program with online support.

MSK Engineers
MSK is a team of civil engineers working on innovations in the identification and replacement of lead drinking water service lines. Through MSK’s work with the Town of Bennington, the company implemented a novel approach to identify lead drinking water pipes, which it plans to bring to other municipalities in the region and beyond.

Old Mill Road Media
Old Mill Road is a media company that publishes Vermont Magazine, Vermont News Guide, Berkshire Magazine, Stratton Magazine, and Manchester Life. Old Mill Road is developing a new regional magazine and specialty guide to launch in 2022.

Star Wind Turbines
Star Wind Turbines is developing a new small wind turbine design that would have the capability to power and heat a single home. This product would also be able to connect to single or three-phase power grids or combine with solar panels, creating an energy solution that combines sustainable sources.

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