Companies we work with


Valt is a visual approach to passwords. With Valt you get the security of locking your data behind a truly random master password without the hassle of having to memorize one. Valt is making passwords painless.

Marty's Local

Marty’s Local is a local and regional foods distributor based in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. We specialize in offering excellent customer service and high-quality foods from our 50+ farmer and producer partners throughout Western Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York’s Hudson Valley.

Whole Life Pet

Whole Life Pet's mission is to make the highest quality, safest, best-tasting pet food and treats on earth. All of their products are human grade and minimally processed with simple clean recipes and nothing artificial. Located in Pittsfield, MA.

Integrated Eco Strategy

Integrated Eco Strategy is a pioneer in helping project teams and owners achieve the rigorous requirements for Full Living Certification under the Living Building Challenge (LBC). They specialize in the Materials Petal and have developed an innovative, industry-leading approach to researching and classifying healthy building materials.

3ACT Slide

The 3ACT Slide is a slideboard reinvented for multidirectional functional movement. This low impact environment provides a high intensity exercise experience for rehab, personal training, group training and sports performance.

B&B Micro Manufacturing

B&B Micro Manufacturing is one of the largest and most experienced tiny house builders in the world. With decades of combined experience from “big” construction, the B&B team dove head first into learning the nuances of building small, liveable, and mobile spaces in 2015 and never looked back.

BeWell MD campus telehealth delivers medical and mental health services to students of residential colleges, boarding schools and camps, when and where they need them. We solve the problem of access to these vital services by using secure videoconferencing and on-site digital diagnostic equipment to turn your health center into a virtual doctor's/therapist's office. healthcare visits conducted via telemedicine save time, resources and money for patients and institutions.

Pool Shark H2O

Pool Shark H2O is a simple, fast and efficient electronic record keeping and swimming pool maintenance system for health department compliance. Using a smartphone or computer it eliminates paper log books and time-consuming math calculations, making sure anyone can keep pool chemicals balanced.

Smokey Diva's

Smokey Diva’s Bottling is home of the famous 92nd Sauce. If you’re looking to raise the bar on flavor and heat at your next barbecue give 92nd Sauce a try! 92nd Sauce is not for the timid. The flavor is incredibly rich, bold and smokey. It may be the boldest most smokey sauce you’ve ever tasted.


Fabber is a digital fabrication platform that makes your digital tools smarter and easier to use. With our software you'll be able easily create or download objects such as tables or chairs. Instead of the hours it takes to do this with traditional software, you'll be making things in minutes.