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Intrapreneur Challenge 2020

Intrapreneur Challenge Application

Due Date: June 5


  • Applicants must be a Berkshire County business with annual revenues
    greater than $500,000
  • The proposed innovation must be aimed at growing revenues, not reducing costs
  • The proposed innovation must not be introduced to customers by the application deadline
  • Companies can only submit one application per challenge
  • A team of 2 or greater should be assigned to lead the project
  • All workshops must be attended
  • Teams must have a letter of support from the CEO/President of the
  • Teams must be assigned a senior leader champion for the duration of the
  • A senior leader must attend the Innovation Leader’s Workshop

Key Dates

June 5: Application Deadline
June 16: Innovation Leader’s Workshop
June 18: Bootcamp Workshop 1
June 25: Bootcamp Workshop 2
July 9: Bootcamp Workshop 3
July 23: Intrapreneur Workshop 1
August 20: Intrapreneur Workshop 2
September 17: Intrapreneur Workshop 3
October 9: Final Competition Event


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