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Innovations to Support Healthcare Providers

Challenge 2

Challenge Goal

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we access and provide care, exacerbated the racial and income inequalities in healthcare, and impacted the wellbeing of our healthcare providers. We launched this Challenge to find digital health solutions that support healthcare providers and health systems in facing new challenges to providing care.

Program Overview

Eight finalists were selected for a ten-week accelerator program run by LeverDuring the accelerator, the finalists will be assessed on their testing and validation needs and matched with members of the MA Digital Health Sandbox Network, a group of cutting-edge research and development organizations supporting digital health companies. Participants will work with their Sandbox partners to scope detailed six-month testing and validation projects.


ASP.MD (Cambridge, MA)

ASP.MD Inc. is an electronic health record vendor serving primary care and specialty clinics. They are developing human-centered user interfaces that can integrate with any EHR and better aggregate and organize data to assist healthcare providers in improving care for underserved populations.

BurnCam Medical (Allston, MA)

BurnCam Medical provides access to burn unit experts, bringing human and AI experts to the patient’s bedside with a smartphone-based telemedicine platform. From just a picture, BurnCam’s AI gives providers critical analysis on area, depth and risk factors, empowering providers with the data they need to determine the best treatment path.

EmPowerYu (Santa Clara, CA)

EmPowerYu uses machine learning and an inference engine to create and enhance medical information from lifestyle data. Their “smart home” system of passive, commercial sensors and proprietary software generates a mathematical profile of home events and behavioral patterns, enhancing medical information for chronic care patients.

HealthJay (Palo Alto, CA)

HealthJay is a telehealth operating system that has a suite of tablet, mobile, and web apps for patients and caregivers that transforms the current problems of connectivity, lack of equipment, and complicated literacy requirements that cause low usability in telehealth.

Slumber One (Boston, MA)

One Therapeutics has developed a highly scalable digital therapeutic for insomnia that patients can use to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Their 4-6 week clinical program is based on the “gold standard” treatment for insomnia and is developed in close collaboration with sleep specialists and counselors with clinical experience using CBT-I.

Outcome Referrals (Framingham, MA)

Outcome Referrals, Inc. has created the first proven referral process in healthcare. Their solution for connecting patients with therapists solves both the quality and access problems that are leaving a growing number of people without timely treatment.

Rocket Wellness (Wakefield, MA)

Rocket VR Health is developing evidence-based virtual reality therapies that enhance the quality of life of patients, their families, and their caregivers. Their healthcare provider burnout product engages providers in immersive mindfulness-based stress reduction therapies and biofeedback-based breath-work to reduce episodes of stress and anxiety and develop resiliency.

The Doctor Lounge (Beverly, MA)

The Doctor Lounge has created a verified physician-only online platform to restore community and to provide data-driven wellness resources. Their platform aims to support physicians by addressing the all-time high levels of burnout related to decreased work-life balance, reduced levels of job satisfaction, lack of professional connection, and loneliness.

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